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Key Animation on Ugly Americans

Oct 27

This is my favourite sequence that I animated on the popular Cartoon Network TV series Ugly Americans. It was actually one of my first sequences that I was given. I love how Mark tries to stay calm and keep an open mind in spite of the gross absurdity of the situation:

Rough Shots from Le Jour des Corneilles

Oct 21

In 2010-2011, I worked on a French feature film called Le Jour des Corneilles (Day of the Crows). These are my rough animated shots that made it into the film.

After playing at the market in Cannes and in the official selection in Annecy, the film had it’s Montreal premiere at the Festival du Nouveau Cinema on Oct 14, 2012. The producer, writer and the animators were all present, and it was a successful screening, well received by the audience.

Here is the French language trailer for the film. I haven’t been able to find versions with English subtitles yet.

Look out for it when it hits theatres!

Jour des Corneilles Animation Test

Oct 21

Everyone had to do a test before getting hired onto Le Jour des Corneilles. This was the test I had to do in order to get on the team.

Audience Choice Award in NY!

Sep 16

Requiem for Romance wins audience choice award at the Athens Animation Festival in upstate New York! In the lush, beautiful, small town village of Athens NY, two hours north of NYC, Lisa Thomas, line producer at Augenblick studios, has founded a charming animation festival with the mission of showcasing films on the human condition.

Located in the space that used to be an old opera house above the Crossroads brewery, the open space screening concept was an ideal venue for the independent animation filmmaker as the organizers made sure to set up booths inside the screening space to display artwork, prints, DVDs, comic books and post-cards.

The community of Athens was extremely supportive in attending the festival, making it a packed, engaged and vibrant full-house. During the screening of my film Requiem for Romance I really felt that it was very well received and appreciated. Lisa Thomas announced that the Audience Choice Award was an overwhelming consensus.

Shout outs to the other two award winners The Hungry Boy by Jake Nelson & Cem Kurtulus and Tax Dollars at War by Chris Fontaine. The Hungry Boy won Best Animation Award at the festival, and the rest of Jake’s animation work is pretty brilliant:

Drawings from the Bal érotique 2012

Sep 3

Here are the best drawings from the event last night, the bal érotique.

Melissa and Laurence: I was pretty happy with this drawing, it wowed the crowd. They are in fact roommates, and they bought the piece to hang in their pad.

Carolann: She was wearing this whole anime get up, and she did her eye make-up in this particular way which was really hard to capture.

Jennifer: We met in the crowd and she saw my drawing of Melissa and Laurence and wanted a portrait of herself. She had these really hopeful eyes.

Masterclass with Andreas Deja

Jun 4

Andreas Deja, the master Disney animator who brought Jafar, Scar, Gaston, and Lilo to life, came to Montreal and held a 2-day intensive animation and drawing masterclass at Studio Technique. It was absolutely amazing, inspiring, and motivating. Just coming off the adrenaline of Cannes Film Festival, and this was the most perfect way to get back into the swing of things in Montreal.

The first day was a seminar on the inner workings of classical animation at Disney. Andreas showed beautiful line tests, deleted scenes and some ancient interview footage of the legendary Milt Kahl.

Day 2 was a full day of life drawing instruction from Andreas. We drew a Siberian lynx, in studio! It was simultaneously adorable and dangerous. We also did some clothed gesture drawings of a male model, and did some exercises placing his poses into an animated sequence. All drawings were done on the big format 24x36in newsprint with soft pastels.

Here are my drawings of the Siberian lynx!

In this drawing, Andreas added his own little touch to the cheek bone to accentuate the contact with the floor. It was a really nice touch.

At the top right the lynx was thinking “you all look so delicious!”

The lynx was really active, and didn’t stay still for very long. I had to try to capture quick gestural forms in a matter of seconds, and then any time the lynx would take a similar pose, I would continue to work away. I just kept alternating until I was able to get some decent studies.

The hardest was capturing the poses with the mouth open because they were so quick.

So calm, yet so dangerous…

The lynx was briefly licking itself. I just had to try to capture it.

By this time, the lynx was getting quite tired and bored with everyone. It just started to sleep and lounge around.

And these are 1 minute poses with the clothed model:

This is my favourite pose of the model drawing session. The pose was just so interesting, with the way he was pulling his shirt and angling his body.

I liked this drawing because of the leg being held in the air by the left arm. I think the pose works.

Tying his shoelaces. For a 1 minute pose, there was a lot of stuff to try to capture. I think this pose could have been finished a bit better with crisper lines, but I think the underlying mechanics of the pose are working.

This pose was challenging because of the foreshortening in perspective. Everything coming at me. but there were definitely still a lot of contrapposto angles to observe.

I think this pose had a nice stretch feel to it, and there was an interesting forward thrust in his chest.

And these are some of the drawings from the animated sequence exercise:

I tilted my drawing board horizontally to do this exercise. I think my favourite poses are the ones on the far right, when he’s putting on his jacket.

Another animated exercise. The last pose the model is interacting with a skeleton replica.

I didn’t really have an idea of where the final pose was going to end up, so I ran out of space, and the volumes and size of the figure didn’t stay consistent. But I still really like this sequence because of the contrast between the withdrawn fetal position pose on the left evolving into the stretched and open pose on the right.

Photos from the 65th Cannes Film Festival!

May 28

These are some photos I took while I had some down time in Cannes. I was out there for 8 days with my short film Requiem for Romance, and it was such a whirlwind of screenings, meetings, cocktails, parties, and events, that it was actually hard to find time to just be a tourist.

This is the scene in the early morning, before the festival opens.

Some of the quaint, lovely buildings in downtown Cannes.

I stopped for some food at a local restaurant called Le Grand Venise.

People just out enjoying the beach.

Some of the tents where the parties would be held.

I was loving the palm trees. Reminded me of Hollywood.

More lovely palm trees.

There were truck loads of cops hired for traffic duty. There were just massive amounts of people walking in the streets at all times of the day, that they had to close down sections of the main strip and redirect the cars.

Another sweet view.

The Majestic. This was the super exclusive hotel for all of the super exclusive people.

The Palais. All of the Official Selection screenings and many of the business events were taking place inside the Palais.

On the right is the Palais, and on the left is the Riviera. The Riviera was where the market was going on. A lot of film distributors selling their newly completed films, looking for buyers. Many short films were also on display in the market.

The Canadian Telefilm pavilion!

The Quebec SODEC pavilion! This was my home base for the festival. They treated me like a star. Everyone was so gracious and helpful. Always asking me if I needed a coffee or something to drink, always taking the time to ask how my trip was progressing.

They put up my movie poster, and it definitely came in handy for my networking at some of the cocktails.

The view from the back of the SODEC pavilion.

I enjoyed many moments just staring off into the sea. Such a beautiful sight, I wish I had had a panoramic camera for this shot.

I met a producer from Digital Domain that day, and got invited to the evening party hosted by Digital Domain. These were some friends that I met out in Cannes, also fellow filmmakers with a short film in the Short Film Corner.

It was an open bar, we drank champagne until the champagne was gone, then we drank the wine.

Trip to Cannes

May 8

I’m going to Cannes! My recently completed short film Requiem for Romance will be screening privately as part of the Short Film Corner which is part of the Cannes Film Market. SODEC, the wonderful institution that awards financial investments and aid to corporations in the arts and culture sector of Quebec, will be taking my film to their kiosk at the Short Film Corner and will also be including it in their best of SODEC presentation. They’ve also decided to bring four filmmakers along with them, and I was lucky enough to be chosen, and expenses paid.

I’m leaving on the 17th of May, and there’s still a lot of work to be done. Printing posters, post-cards, DVDs, and limited prints for promotion. I’m hoping to meet with film festivals, broadcasters, producers and investors from around the world. I’ll be mainly focused on promoting Requiem for Romance, but I’ll also be ready for any opportunities to propose some new projects that I have in development.

Super excited because this is going to be my first time visiting France!

Here’s a look at the post-cards that I just designed:

Featured on Film Annex!

May 6

I’m on the front page of Film Annex, a distribution and networking website that allows independent filmmakers to earn some revenue off of their films.

Here’s my WebTV channel:

I put up Floor Kids, Just Another Floor Kids Battle, Alpha Beta Complex, the Requiem for Romance trailer, Sherry, like the Drink, and a couple other animation exercies, Shoelace Kids and Smoked, which I’ve previously never posted.

35mm & DCP

Mar 23

We had a private viewing at the Vision Globale laboratory a couple weeks ago to verify the 35mm print for the english version of my film Requiem for Romance. I have to say it looks quite nice on 35mm, it gives it an extra subtle vibrancy that the other formats don’t have.

In other news, we were able to get both language versions of my film on DCP (Digital Cinema Package) through the Filmmaker’s Assistance Program at the NFB. It’s all shaping up, now we’re just hoping to hear back from festivals soon!

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