Jonathan Ng

Animation / Art / Design


Jonathan is an award-winning animation filmmaker based in Montreal. His latest film Requiem For Romance, which he wrote, directed and animated in 2012, has toured festivals around the world and recently won the Best Art Direction award at Anima Mundi 2013. Born in Toronto, he studied animation at Sheridan, Seneca, and Concordia University in a variety of hand-drawn, 3D and experimental techniques, and won several Teletoon scholarships throughout his academic career. He wrote, directed and animated his first professional film Asthma Tech at the National Film Board of Canada in 2006 and then went on to co-produce his second film Floor Kids in collaboration with Kid Koala, which went viral in 2007. Jonathan also works as a freelance animator and his feature film credits include The Spiderwick Chronicles, The Mummy 3, The Day of the Crows and the upcoming animated films The Little Prince and A Rigged World.

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