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Blog · “Seth” – NFB Animated Documentary

As I push ahead on my feature film project, I’m also doing a bit of freelance animation at the National Film Board of Canada on a super fun, super awesome, feature length animated documentary about a Canadian comic book artist named Seth.

The film, titled “Seth”, is a project conceived by NFB animation filmmaker and former Dreamworks animation supervisor Luc Chamberland. It has been said, that he is like the Canadian equivalent to one of Disney’s the “9 Old Men”. If you’ve been around at any of the major animation festivals such as the Ottawa International Animation Festival or Fantasia in Montreal, you’ve probably heard his signature “AH….. HA. HA. HAAAAA” laugh. He’s an absolute pleasure to work for because he always takes the time to say thank you for any scene that you’re working on.

For the animation on the film, we are staying very faithful to Seth’s visual style, maintaining the thick and think lines from his comic strips. The thick and think lines in animation is something of a rarity, as it makes it much more difficult to maintain line consistency from frame to frame. But this is what makes the project fun and challenging. Beyond this, I don’t want to say too much about the film, since it is currently in production. Instead I’ll just talk a bit about the crew.

The animation crew includes talents like Jo Meuris (director of The Girl Who Hated Books, clean up artist on Le Jour des Corneilles). Jo is responsible for fixing basically, anything and everything. Computer problems, software issues, and she is an incredibly thorough animator and clean up artist. Also on the project is Sean Branigan (supervisor on Ugly Americans, animator on Le Jour des Corneilles) and a handful of student interns from animation schools in France. It’s a real pleasure to be surrounded by the familiar faces at the National Film Board of Canada again.

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