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I left Filmfest Dresden on Sunday on the Bahn train. I booked an AirBnB in the central district of Mitte on the recommendation of my friend Emile Denichaud. It’s really central.

The apartment was great, the host gave me this awesome design & art book guide to the various districts of Berlin, categorizing the city into its fashion districts, art galleries, food, cafés and nightlife.

So I immediately started to explore the city. I checked out some historical sites like the Berlin Wall memorial on Bernauer Straße, and Check Point Charlie.

My apartment didn’t have wireless, so I spent quite a bit of time in the cafés trying to coordinate my trip details to Stuttgart and Los Angeles and look at online maps of Berlin. The subway system was one of the most complicated I have ever seen.

I met up with my friend Aonan’s girlfriend who is a pianist living and studying in Berlin. Originally from Taiwan, she has picked up German in just three months!

Finally on Wednesday morning, I took another train from Berlin to Stuttgart and I had some time on the train to relax and sketch some ideas for my upcoming feature film project.

More to come about my film festival experience in Stuttgart!

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