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Blog · Trip to Cannes

I’m going to Cannes! My recently completed short film Requiem for Romance will be screening privately as part of the Short Film Corner which is part of the Cannes Film Market. SODEC, the wonderful institution that awards financial investments and aid to corporations in the arts and culture sector of Quebec, will be taking my film to their kiosk at the Short Film Corner and will also be including it in their best of SODEC presentation. They’ve also decided to bring four filmmakers along with them, and I was lucky enough to be chosen, and expenses paid.

I’m leaving on the 17th of May, and there’s still a lot of work to be done. Printing posters, post-cards, DVDs, and limited prints for promotion. I’m hoping to meet with film festivals, broadcasters, producers and investors from around the world. I’ll be mainly focused on promoting Requiem for Romance, but I’ll also be ready for any opportunities to propose some new projects that I have in development.

Super excited because this is going to be my first time visiting France!

Here’s a look at the post-cards that I just designed:

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