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Below are some live portraits that I sold at the ETDWS Show at the Metro Convention Centre in Toronto, Nov 2th-4th. Thanks to Mikey Singer and Avery Levitt for hooking it up. All drawings were on 24×36 paper with soft chalk pastels. Portraits sold for anywhere between $40-$70 a pop.

Alex, one of the models in pin-up girl troupe.

Alex posing with the drawing.

Bethany was attending the convention with friends and decided to get a portrait.

Bethany posing with the drawing.

A set of three best friends forever, getting their portraits done one after the other. This girl’s name was Lynn.


Jennifer posing with the drawing.


Diane in a pose comparison.

The Pyschologist. This lady told me she that she was a practicing psychologist and that she watched me closely as I was drawing her. She said that I had a total sense of peacefulness mixed with pure enjoyment. Probably very true.

The incredible Mimi Cherry!

Mimi Cherry in a pose comparison.

I did a few sets of couples too…

This couple was about to get married that weekend.

This is the wife an artist at one of the other booths.

This was my last drawing of the weekend, I was having a lot of trouble getting the right features because she kept laughing at the stuff that was happening on the main screen. But I stuck with it and I ended up getting something nice. Her name is Shazia.

Shazia with the drawing.


  1. Great Job Jon!
    See you at the Montreal Salon de l’amour et de la seduction!

  2. Ashley says:

    I’m the waitress of Carnegie’s.(the one with short hair.)
    I’ve saw the card that you left on the table.
    So here I come. :P
    By the way, I’m a college student major in Motion Picture.
    I really appreciate your works! so cool haha

    Hope to see more fabulous works in the future. :D

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