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English Version

Asthma Tech by Jonathan Ng, National Film Board of Canada

Filmmaker Jonathan Ng turns the notion of otherness on its head in his semi-autobiographical animated short about young, whimsical, asthmatic Winston. As a result of his illness, Winston is unable to participate in the everyday activities of his peers and classmates. But thanks to his artistic ability and one particularly rainy afternoon, Winston learns that his imagination has the power to bridge gaps, transform and empower. Part of the Talespinners 2 collection.

Version Française

Œuvre d’animation semi-autobiographique de Jonathan Ng sur les épreuves d’un jeune garçon asthmatique. Avec beaucoup de fantaisie, Asthma Tech raconte l’histoire de Winston qui, grâce à son talent d’artiste et une forte imagination, surmonte son handicap qui l’empêche de s’adonner avec ses amis aux jeux et aux activités de son âge.

Concept Sketches

These are some very early ink and marker concept sketches.

The character designs in the initial concept sketches were far too young looking. When the film moved into production the characters were slightly redesigned to suit the target age group of 6-10.

The vehicles and flight gear in Winston’s drawings were an homage to Robotech, Transformers, Mask and other such 80′s classics.

This is an early model sheet of the characters in their superhero form.

Despite some basic knowledge in 3D software, I felt a strong imnpulse to do all of the space ship perspective rotations and animation as traditional drawings. The film’s central theme of drawing as Winston’s escape from his asthmatic condition renders the film’s hand-drawn technique as inseparable from the production process.


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