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Blog · Animasian Award in Toronto!

My film Requiem for Romance won the best animated film at the the closing ceremonies at the Toronto International Reel Asian Film Festival last night! The festival is one of North Americas largest film festivals highlighting the best from contemporary Asian cinema and films from the Asian diaspora. This festival has been supporting my work since as early as 2003 and over the years it’s been a great place to meet contacts in the filmmaking community and make lasting friendships. My film kicked off production by winning the So You Think You Can Pitch competition in late 2009, so it’s even more special to have won this prize, in front of family, friends, and colleagues. The award was presented to me by a long time friend and fellow animation filmmaker/writer/comic artist/stand up comedian Howie Shia who intro’d me as the “Amaze’Ng, Dash’Ng, Pop-Lock’Ng, Body-Rock’Ng, Jonathan Ng!” which has to be one of the best intros I’ve ever received, haha.

Pictured here with the rest of the winners at the festival. Congrats also to Jeff Tran and Louis Yeum who were honourable mentions for their animated film Traces of Joy.

My film played at the festival on Thursday Nov 8th in front of a feature film called Daylight Savings starring independent American singer songwriter Goh Nakamura. Both films explored themes of love and relationships, within the context of music, art, and communication through modern devices like cell phones, skype, email and ringtones.

Pictured above with Goh Nakamura and Anderson Le during the Q&A of our screening.

Pictured here with Goh Nakamura and Lillian Chan along with the Reel Asian mascots.

With Nobu Adelman who was a jury member on the So You Think You Can Pitch competition in 2009.

Special thanks to Kingly, Holly and the Reel Asian volunteers who were able to help me sell my limited prints at the festival venues. The proceeds will be put towards the development of my upcoming animated feature film project, which is moving along nicely. More to come on that…

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